Update problem Ephorus assignments in Blackboard (March 9th)

On February 24th  we reported on this site that Ephorus assignments in Blackboard are not functioning properly. Unfortunately, the supplier does not yet know how to solve the problem. On their advise we have decided to test whether this problem also occurs when using the newest version of the Ephorus building block. If this is not the case, and if there are no other inconvenient flaws, we will implement this version on the Blackboard production environment.

Functionally, a few things have changed in this newest version. Therefore the Blackboard instructor manual will have to be updated as well. The whole implementation process will take at least two weeks, which means that the Ephorus assignments will not be working as normal in Blackboard before at least the 28th of March (if the newest version of the building block indeed solves the problem).

If you do want to check assignments that are yet to be handed in (i.e. assignments that have not yet been submitted as Ephorus assignment on Blackboard) for plagiarism, there is an alternative solution. Consult your Blackboard support employee for this.