Installation of new version of Ephorus in Blackboard

On August 29, we have installed the newest version of the Ephorus building block (plagiarism detection). Below you see an overview of the improvements. This version also contains some new (small) bugs which are described as well, including the possible workarounds.

For instructors

Ephorus assignments:

-You can set a due date.

-Option to have submitted documents sent to Ephorus as 'confidential'. This means that the documents will never be scanned in the plagiarism detection of other documents. Please note: if you choose this setting for an assignment there will also be no comparison among the student work for the same assignment.

-If you click on an Ephorus assignment as an instructor, you land on a page that shows a link to the submitted work (view the submitted documents). Before, you could only go to the submitted documents via Course tools > Ephorus assignments.

-It is possible to change the confidentiality of already submitted documents.

-It is possible to add attachments to feedback.

-With submitted group assignments, you can see a list of all group members in that group (click on the plus before the group name).

-When downloading documents in a zipfile: option to add the student number to the title of the submitted document.

-Solved bug: problem with assignments that were invisible to students and could not be changed.

My Documents (Course tools > Ephorus assignments > My documents)

-You can upload ZIP-files now.

-Documents can be uploaded as reference or as confidential. Uploading as reference implies that the document itself will not be checked for plagiarism, but will be added to the database to function as source material for plagiarism detection for other documents.

-In My Documents it's also possible to change the confidentiality of already uploaded documents.

For students

-You can see the due date (if any) and the possible points for the assignment.

-Solved bug: after submission of an assignment a student didn't get a message that the document was submitted succesfully.

-Solved bug: feedback text for a graded Ephorus assignment was not visible for a student.

Bugs in this version

This version contains some new bugs and a number of issues that can't be solved at the moment, according to the supplier.

New bugs for instructors

1. This problem only occurs in Internet explorer and not in Firefox or Google Chrome. If an instructor has entered a grade in the plagiarism report and clicks the button Submit grading, a popup with the message 'Are you sure you want to leave the page? (your grading has not een saved yet) appears. However, if you click Leave this page, this grade will be saved.

2. In Control panel > Course tools > Ephorus assignments > list of submitted documents for a group assignment: if the submitted work doesn't fit on one page and is shown on multiple pages, you can't see the list of members in a group if you are not on page 1. If you click on the plus-icon, it changes into a minus but the list of group members is not shown.

Workaround: click the button Show all at the bottom of the page to see all groups on one page.

3. If you click on an Ephorus assignment, you see the text "People with access to the control panel (instructors, teaching assistants, etc.) may not submit assignments. Perhaps you want to view the submitted documents?" On the page there's also a button OK.

A problem occurs in the following situation:

1. Instructor clicks on an Ephorus assignment when the Edit mode is ON.

2. The page mentioned above appears.

3. Instructor clicks on the button OK. Then you go back to the page with the Ephorus assignment, but the page looks as if the Edit mode is OFF (for example: unavailable items are not visible), while the switch in the top right corner says 'Edit mode ON'.

Workaround: click the Edit mode switch twice so see the page in normal Edit mode.

Still existing issues for instructors

In the browser Internet explorer it is often not possible to upload documents in the My Documents section. The supplier can't reproduce this problem, so probably it's caused by a setting in Internet explorer.

Workaround: use the browser Firefox (you can install this browser via Zenworks).

Still existing issues for students

1. With a submitted Ephorus group assignment: a group member that didn't submit the assignment herself/himself, can only see that the assignment is submitted (in My Grades) when the assignment is graded by the instructor.

2. An Ephorus assignment with a due date is not shown under What's due in the module 'To do'.