Improvements in Blackboard as a result of a UT wide survey of the use of the digital learning environment

Last (academic) year a survey has taken place regarding the use of the digital learning environment of the UT, including Blackboard. As a result of the outcomes we have applied some changes in the configuration of Blackboard (as of 24 August 2015) - within the options that Blackboard offers. This is done with the purpose of offering a solution for the following frequently mentioned problems:

  1. For a number of tools an instructor can't see what a student sees (some people are aware of the existence of the faculty test account but consider the use of that account not handy).
  2. It is not really possible to make certain information in a course publicly available, creating access for people not enrolled in the course or not even having a Blackboard account.
  3. The Blackboard interface is very cluttered, is it possible to have less tools visible?

In the accompanying document you can read what the improvements are.