Solved: Erroneous registrations for Blackboard courses from starting block 2A/2B

8-1: The problem of the erroneous Blackboard registrations for courses with two starting blocks has been solved.


7-1: An issue is discovered in the OSIRIS-Blackboard connected registration for courses that are offered more than once this year. Such a course has two starting blocks, for example 1A and 2A. Consequently there are two Blackboard courses: a course for block 1A and a course for block 2A.

The issue is: students that have registered in OSIRIS for starting block 1A, are ALSO automatically registered for the Blackboard course for starting block 2A (while the student does not have an OSIRIS registration for 2A).

We aim to solve this as soon as possible. Students do not have to take steps themselves to get deregistered from the 2A or 2B Blackboard course they are erroneously registered for.