Registration period courses quartile 1B

As from Monday October 13 students can register themselves in OSIRIS for courses of the second quartile (1B). After registration in OSIRIS, you will automatically be registered for the accompanying Blackboard course. All information about the OSIRIS-Blackboard connected registration can be found on the website Educational applications.

Please note: don't register for a TEM-module if you only have to do a particular unit of a module instead of the entire module. Contact your faculty's BOZ if you would like to do only one unit of a module (for example as a resit or as a course from your premaster program), but have to have access to that module's Blackboard course. Please refer to the
email addresses below:

CTW (Faculty of Engineering Technology):

EWI (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science):

GW (Behavioural Sciences):

MB (School of Management and Governance):

TNW (Faculty of Science and Technology):