Changes Blackboard guest accounts

This message is intended for employees who have requested Blackboard guestaccounts in the past. Because of a new account management system/policy at ICTS there are a number of changes regarding Blackboard guest accounts:

Initally a guest account can be requested for at most a year. An account can be extended after that period so it remains possible to use a guest account longer than one year.

After the end date a guest account no longer has access to Blackboard and is not visible anymore in Blackboard courses/organisations (same as regular accounts). If the guest still needs access to Blackboard, the account can be reactivated (ask your Blackboard support person). After activation the guest regains access to his Blackboard courses/organizations and any submitted assignments (so the history in Blackboard is maintained).
At the moment no notification mail is sent yet to the guest about the coming end date, including instruction about extending the account if necessary. Realisation of sending notifications automatically is planned for this year.

For security reasons, the confirmation mail about creation of the account that is sent to the Blackboard support person and the contact person no longer contains username and password of the guest account (ofcourse these are provided in the mail that the guest receives).

If you have any questions or requests regarding Blackboard guest accounts, please contact your Blackboard support person.