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Welcome at the website of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences Ethics Committee of the faculties Engineering Technology and Science and Technology. This Committee facilitates and monitors the ethical conduct of all research involving beings in the faculties Engineering Technology and Science and Technology. 

The Ethics Committee advises on ethical issues related to research projects involving human beings, human of animal materials including cells and cell lines, genetically modified organisms, or so called 'dual use' research where the product of the research could be utilized for harmful purposes, such as military use. If you plan to do research involving any of the above-mentioned materials or subjects that has not been previously approved by the Biological Safety Officer (Ir. Ilja Sitters), and/or use potentially sensitive data about individuals, groups or organizations, you have to submit your proposal for ethical assessment by the EC.
An increasing number of journals and funding organizations require an ethical review. Therefore it is important that the EC assesses whether the research proposed conforms to ethical standards. This applies to all research that is conducted by ET and S&T staff, PhD students, postdocs and students (BA-/MA-thesis), regardless of where it is conducted. If research is conducted by students or trainees, the supervising staff member bears the ultimate responsibility.

In case of a research subject to WMO/non-WMO (Wet medisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek met mensen) read further under 'Does my research have to undergo a medical-ethical review?'.


For general information, please contact Maria Kamp.

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