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Bicycle storage areas

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The campus grounds near the buildings feature numerous bicycle stands for storing bicycles and mopeds. Moreover, there are also indoor and/or enclosed bicycle storage areas that are for staff use only. If you wish to use these storage areas, please contact your building’s Service Desk. 

Bicycles must be stored in the intended areas, and the entrances to the buildings must be kept free of obstruction at all times. Bringing bicycles into any of the buildings is not permitted for safety reasons.

Ordering method

The keys for a building’s indoor and/or enclosed bicycle storage areas can be obtained from that building’s Service Desk. For most buildings, access is put on your employee card.

Delivery time

The delivery time for these keys depends on the Service Desk’s stock. If the key is in stock, you will receive it right away; if it is not in stock at the time, it will have to be ordered.


The costs vary from building to building. For some buildings, you have to pay a deposit before receiving the keys.


The Facility Department’s maintenance group is responsible for the establishing and maintaining of bicycle storage areas. The Facility Department cannot be held liable in any way for any theft of or damage to bicycles or mopeds. Do not leave any goods with your bicycle or moped and make sure to lock it up properly.