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Virtual server

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Are you a UT employee and do you need server resources to run services or applications? Then request resources in our VMware cluster.


From the VMware cluster we can offer virtual servers (VMs) that function in the same way as a physical server, with the advantage that you do not have to purchase hardware yourself. In addition, the specifications of the VM such as CPUs, Memory and disk capacity are very easy to expand. The VMware cluster is designed for high availability.

Infrastructure: The VMware cluster is managed by LISA. This cluster is spread over both data centers of the UT and currently offers protection against hardware and data center failure. In the event of a hardware / data center failure, the cluster ensures that the VMs are automatically brought online to another node in the other data center. In addition, the storage hardware is also spread over both data centers and ensures by means of synchronous replication that data is stored in both locations simultaneously. All VMs are backed up daily up to 30 days ago. The operating system in the VMs are maintained by LISA.


You can request a virtual server (VM) via the self-service portal.


You can find more information about the costs in the self service portal.


To be able to request a server, you:

  • Have to have a UT ICT account;
  • Have to be registered as a employee of the UT.

Normally, a virtual server is delivered within two working days after approval from the budget holder.


For support, use theĀ self-service page. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact theĀ Service Desk ICT.