Zie Diensten-ABC

Wiki for employees

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Service for sharing information with several people. The information can be supplied and edited by several people.


Every UT member of staff can apply for a wiki. This member of staff must specify who should have access to this: who should have read-only access and who can make changes to the wiki. The service is also accessible to UT students and, in mutual consultation, also for participants from outside the UT. Only UT staff can apply for a new wiki.

Self-service applications will be possible in the future.


No costs are charged for up to 5 GB data storage.


The following is required to use the Wiki:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • ICT account (M number, S number)

The delivery time is a maximum of one working week and delivery takes place during an introductory discussion.

Upon delivery, the wiki is filled with some sample content.


This is a service for UT staff wishing to share UT-related (research/education) information with several people. The application for a new wiki environment is made through the Service Desk ICT.

Manuals & Links

A concise manual ('quick start') in both English and Dutch forms part of the sample content that is provided. Upon delivery, the wiki also contains several links to the English-language documentation of the wiki software.