In September 2004 the Faculty Club Foundation at the University of Twente and Gallery Beeld & Aambeeld together started Qua Art – Qua Science. 

In the eight years until 2012 the Faculty Club has hosted about 25 expositions on the interface of art and science, and about three meetings with lectures around every exposition. 

By now Qua Art – Qua Science has embraced a new approach, commissioning new works of arts to be realized on location. The Faculty Club remains the location for regular lectures about these projects in search of a mutual inspiration between art and science.

For more information about the current activities and to see and download publications about all of the expositions please visit http://www.qaqs.org



Board QAQS
Dave Blank (president)
Rinus Roelofs
Ruben Sinkeldam
Hans Visschedijk (treasurer)

Working group QAQS
Paul Clason
Steven Dorrestijn
Jasper Homminga
Gertjan Koster
Andries Lohmeijer
Ruben Sinkeldam (president)
Anky Stapel
Marco Strijks
Elisabeth Woudstra
Derya Zenginoglu

Advisory Board QAQS
Karel Betman
Dave Blank
Ingrid Blans
Petran Kockelkoren
Rinus Roelofs
Peter Sonderen

Email adres: qaqs@hetnet.nl