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Extra informatie over de selectiecriteria

Binnen de Faculty of Engineering, Lund University worden de volgende criteria voor excellent docentschap gehanteerd:

  • Focus on student’s learning process
    • A practice based on a learning perspective
    • An integrated relation between theory and practice
    • A practice based on a sound relation to students
  • Clear development over time
    • An effort to, over time, consciously and systematically develop students’ learning
    • An idea for continued development
  • A scholarly approach
    • A reflection on practice based in educational theory relevant for the applicant’s discipline
    • A search for and creation of knowledge about student learning in the applicant’s discipline
    • An effort to make findings public with a purpose of collaboration and interaction.

De volgende criteria zijn ontleend aan de template van Ruth Graham (Royal Academy of Egineering):

Collaboration: supporting a collegial and collaborative educational environment, the teacher...

  • inspires and supports colleagues to develop and improve their teaching, including through the use of information technologies and module materials
  • contributes to a collegial and collaborative educational culture across departmental teaching staff, for example, through leadership of peer support activities or support for curricular reform activities
  • participates in an exchange of teaching experiences and ideas with colleagues and the wider higher education community
  • proactively monitors the student teaching and learning experience and responds in a timely and professional manner to concerns about course design, context and delivery (at programme, year or module level)