Constructing algebraic objects by analytic means

(Peter Stevenhagen, Universiteit Leiden)

Waaier 3, 9:00 – 9:45

In Dutch cluster speak, number theory is an integral part of DIAMANT, the cluster focusing on problems belonging to "the branches of mathematics that are `discrete' in the sense of not being primarily concerned with continuously varying quantities".

Number theory itself is blissfully unaware of such borders, and I will illustrate this by elaborating on the use of complex analytic tools in the construction of varieties of low dimension over finite fields. In true DIAMANT spirit, the problems considered will have an algorithmic slant.

Peter Stevenhagen (PhD University of California at Berkeley, 1988) is full professor and director of the Mathematisch Instituut in Leiden, and chairman of the Diamant cluster. His research is in algebra and (algorithmic) number theory.