Mathematical Aspects of Dynamic Network Routing

Rolf Möhring (TU Berlin)

Waaier 2, 16:45 - 17:30

Transport management and routing in logistic systems are optimization problem by nature. We want to utilize the available transport or logistic network in such a way that the total network “load” is minimized or the “throughput” is maximized. This lecture deals with the mathematical aspects of these optimization problems from the viewpoint of network flow theory and scheduling. It leads to flow models in which—in contrast to static flows—the aspects of “time” and “congestion” play a crucial role.

We illustrate these aspects on two selected applications:

  1. Routing automated guided vehicles in container terminals (cooperation with HHLA).
  2. Ship Traffic Optimization for the Kiel Canal (cooperation with the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration).

Both applications benefit from new insights into routing in graphs. In (1), the theory of flows over time leads to a very fast real-time routing algorithm that avoids collisions, deadlocks, and other conflicts already at route computation. Project (2) uses the techniques from (1) and enhances them with special purpose scheduling algorithms.

Rolf H. Möhring (PhD 1975 at RWTH Aachen) is since 1987 Professor for Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Berlin University of Technology. His research group focusses on graph algorithms, combinatorial optimization, scheduling, and industrial applications. Möhring is scientist in charge at the DFG Research Center Matheon, responsible for the application area "Logistics, traffic, and telecommunication networks". He is member of the editorial board of leading scientific journals, has served as chair of the German Operations Research Society GOR as well as the Mathematical Programming Society (MPS). In 2005, Möhring was awarded the Scientific Award of the German Operations Research Society GOR, and in 2010 he received the EURO Gold Medal of the European Association of Operational Research Societies.