Basic PhD Skills

TGS PhD Introductory Workshop (New: 2 days; 1 ECTS)

During your stay at the UT as a PhD candidate, you will be able to profit tremendously from the available experience of others, both in scheduled forms and in informal ways.

In order to have a head start, the Twente Graduate School welcomes all starting PhD candidates to attend an Introductory Workshop. The workshop is offered four times per year (see schedule) and consist of fixed elements (scientific integrity, research in context, planning workshop, life story of a PhD graduate), appetisers (graduate courses, information management) and awareness raising in the area of counselling and overcoming (cross-cultural) obstacles during the PhD trajectory.


The workshops are scheduled from 8:45 h. – 17:00 h. on:

  • 8 + 9 February 2018
  • 31 May + 1 June 2018 
  • 27 + 28 September 2018
  • 29 + 30 November 2018 

The number of seats is limited, so first come first served!

Please notice in case of cancellation at the last moment, we are forced to send an invoice with the costs to the department of your faculty.

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