How to design and implement a project


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31 May 2018;

25 October 2018 

Time and place

9.00-17.00; UT


Anne Muller, Charlotte Oude Alink, Daniëlle Kuiphuis-Aagten




After the course participants are able to:

  1. Design a project using an educational design model
  2. Design a project that is logically, coherent, integrated and in line with the TOM vision and with the educational culture of the programme
  3. Explain which variables have an influence when designing a project (group size, educational vision, complexity, etc.)
  4. Implement elements of Student Driven Learning in the project
  5. Reflect on the project design and recognize the steps in educational design
  6. Reflect on the advantages and disadvantages in using projects in their education


How to design and implement a challenging project that integrates knowledge and skills is not an easy task. During this course you will learn how to design a project by participating in a mini project yourself. You will go through phases of the mini project which will subsequently be linked to phases of an educational design model. So you will learn by doing!

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