Course code


Dates 2018 

1st day: Wednesday 11 April, 9.00-17.00

2nd day: Tuesday 4 September, group 1: 9.00-12.30, group 2: 13.30-17.00 

Time and Place

in building Drienerburght

Course fee

This training will be paid from central funds. However, you do need permission from your head of department.

Group size

1st day: no maximum. 2nd day: 10 participants.


Ir. Erik Prins, independent advisor and Aya van den Kroonenberg, senior grants consultant.

Course materials

Course materials will be provided before and during the first training day.


Researchers (max. 8 years after promotion upon submission deadline, which is the first week of October 2018) with a good CV and an innovative research idea who consider applying for an NWO-VIDI grant this round or in the coming year.

This training is given by external consultants and is organized and paid centrally. In addition, Arend Zomer ( and each faculty provide support for VIDI candidates.

Contact person for BMS: Prof. Dr. Ariana Need,
Contact person for EWI: Prof. Dr. Nelly Litvak,
Contact person for ET, ITC and TNW: Dr. Arend Zomer,


Increasing your chances in acquiring a VIDI grant by:

  • Learning about the procedures and the evaluation criteria for the NWO VIDI grant
  • Presenting your CV specifically for the VIDI grant.
  • Writing a sound VIDI proposal that can be submitted to NWO


  • Explanation of the evaluation criteria and procedures of the Vernieuwingsimpuls;
  • Development and critical assessment of the innovativeness and feasibility of your VIDI project idea;
  • CV evaluation and presentation;
  • Writing a solid VIDI-grant proposal;
  • Training of your presentation skills specifically for the VIDI-committee (when you reach the interview round).



  1. One day introduction to the VIDI; procedures, evaluation criteria, do’s & don’ts;
  2. Half-day group feedback session (with trainer and Arend Zomer) on your draft proposal.

In addition to the VIDI training, Arend Zomer organises,  together with the faculties, faculty-based support for the VIDI candidates which includes a CV check, a bibliometrics session, group meetings to discuss the draft proposals and a review committee in which the final drafts will be reviewed by laureates and ex-committee members of the VIDI.

If you reach the interview round you can contact Arend Zomer to receive a presentation training from an external consultant and an internal mock interview.


  1. Day 1, the introductory training day is open for all researchers up to 8 years after their promotion.
  2. Ten candidates will be selected for the 2nd day. During this 2nd training day candidates will receive feedback on their VIDI draft. Selection of the candidates will occur after the first training day based on CV and proposal idea.

Further information:
Dr. Arend H. Zomer
Subsidy Advisor & Liaison Officer NL

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