Decision making


Course code


Dates 2018

New dates to be announced 

Time and Place

10.00 - 16.00, Logica 

Course fee

This training will be paid from central funds. However, you do need permission from your head of department.

Group size

Maximum 12 participants


Arielle Brouwer and Linda van der Wal

Course materials

Course materials will be provided during the training


For Teamleaders, head of section, (associate) professors.


Insight on how decision making works and be more effective, so you can prevent running into roadblocks along the way.

Be more innovative and use the creativity even of opponents of your ideas.

Be alble to use all the talent of the people you work with and include different perspectives.

Challenges you might encounter in your daily work are:

Dealing with diverse backgrounds of team members. These can be cultural & gender differences, but also differences in employment arrangements (employees versus collaboration partners), age or in expertise. Starting a project- or research team and wanting to include all ideas & perspectives in your projectplan or research design. As a professor or (team)leader people look up to you and tend to say yes to your ideas, how can you make sure that also critical ideas get heard and included in your decision making.


You will learn a lot on decision making and how to manage to keep an open mind all along. You will increase your skills working with people of diverse backgrounds e.g. your cultural competence. Skills you can use to work with people from different backgrounds more effectively, which saves you effort and time.

During the training we will make the connection to your everyday work, so the insights are customized to your situation and immediately applicable.


 2 live training days. Personal E-coaching on request in between the two sessions.

Tips and tricks customized to your personal situation, which will help you increase your impact 

Further information
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