26-01-2010: Nikky Kortbeek donates Prize Money of ORTEC Excellence in Advanced Planning Award 2010 to Dutch Cancer Society

Thursday January 14th 2010, Nikky Kortbeek, Phd candidate in the chair Stochastic Operations Research, won the ORTEC Excellence in Advanced Planning Award 2010, together with UvA-colleague Rene Haijema, for the project “Optimal Inventory Management of Blood Platelets”. This prize is created by the Dutch OR society NGB

and ORTEC and is awarded to innovative, successful and practical Phd-research at Dutch universities in the field of Operations Research (link).

Since September 2008, the Dutch Blood Bank Sanquin South East operates according to the strategy proposed by the researchers. The Blood Bank has been able to reduce the deterioration and consequently the outdating of blood platelet concentrates from approximately 10% to less than 2%. With the developed software tool TIMO (Thrombocytes Inventory Management Optimizer), Sanquin is continuously able to keep its inventory policy up-to-date.

Nikky donates his share of the in total 1000 euro prize, to the Dutch Cancer Society KWF. “A tremendous recognition for our efforts during last years”, Nikky states. “This spring, I will climb the Alpe d’Huez by bike several times at one day, to collect money for research and treatment of cancer. Winning this award is a great start in collecting a large amount of money. I invite everybody to follow this example. I highly appreciate each donation made at my website.