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Guideline with topics like:
Essential Characteristics of Item Writers; General Tips; Writing Specific Types of Items (Multiple-Choice Items, Alternative-Response Items; Matching Items) The Proof of the Item Writing is in the Item Analysis.

Constructing Written Test Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences
National Board of Medical Examiners (Contributing Authors: Susan M. Case, PhD and David B. Swanson, PhD)

Although written for medical examiners, this manual will be also useful for examiners from other disciplines. The manual is written to help faculty members improve the quality of the multiple-choice questions written for their examinations. The manual provides an overview of item formats, concentrating on the traditional one-best-answer and matching formats. It reviews issues related to technical item flaws and issues related to item content. The manual also provides basic information to help faculty review statistical indices of item quality after test administration. An overview of standard-setting techniques is also provided.

How can we construct good multiple choice items?
How Can We Construct Good Multiple Choice Items? Paper (11 pages)
Authors: Cheung, D & Bucat, R.
Eight key guidelines for writing good multiple choice items, with examples drawn from chemistry.

How to Prepare Better Multiple-Choice Test Items: Guidelines for University Faculty
Authors: Burton, SJ, Sudweeks, RR, Merrill, PF and Wood, B.
A very useful and to-the-point booklet. It provides insight in when to use/not use multiple choice items and shows how to apply criteria to evaluate multiple-choice items and identify specific item flaws. It helps to construct well-written multiple-choice items to measure a given objective.
How to Prepare Better Multiple-Choice Test Items: Guidelines for University Faculty.

How to Prepare Better Tests: Guidelines for University Faculty.
Author: Brigham Young University Testing Center.
A 17-page booklet covering the key aspects of testing. Topics include: developing a test; preparing, assembling, and administering a test; evaluating a test; scoring a test and interpreting and using test results. Also includes a Checklist for effective tests and bibliography.
How to Prepare Better Tests: Guidelines for University Faculty.

More Multiple-Choice Item Writing Do's and Don'ts
From: ERIC Digest - ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation.
A comprehensive list of recommendations for writing multiple choice items based on both psychometric research and logical deduction.