Authentic assessment toolbox / gereedschapskist voor competentiegericht toetsen

Authentic assessment (also known as performance based assessment) is a form of assessment in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills. An authentic assessment usually includes a task for students to perform and a rubric by which their performance on the task will be evaluated.

John Mueller, professor of Psychology at North Central College in Naperville, IL., designed an elaborate guide for authentic assessment: the Authentic Assessment Toolbox. Or, in the way he describes it: “a how-to text on creating authentic tasks, rubrics, and standards for measuring and improving student learning.”

In the toolbox you will find chapters on:

What is it?

Why do it?

how do you do it?





Constructing Tests



And even three workshops.
Definitely a good place to start if you want to learn more about authentic assessment. The url of the site: