Management team CES

Leadership and coordinating functions CES:

Director CES (Centre for Educational Support)

Hans Oeloff

Executive secretary

Corine Bouwman

Head of SAS (Student Affairs & Services)

Sabien van Harten

Coordinator DISC (Data Information Service Centre): Student Services, Key-users processes and systems

Noortje Reinerink

Team leader SAO (Student Administration Office): entry, credentials, (re-)enrollment, tuition, visa, housing, momi, deregistration, examinations, incoming exchange

Simone Oolhorst 

Coordinator SAO (Student Administration Office)

Wendy Bolster (W.J.M. Bolster) 

Team leader and chain coordinator SO&IR (Scholarship Office and International Relations): acquisition, contract management, recruitment and selection of candidates, reporting, outgoing exchange

Miranda Bönhke

Team leader INTS (International Support): binding international students, acculturation, calamities, events

Katja Hunfeld

Team leader TCP (TCP language centre): language and communication training for staff members and students, assessments, Writing Centre, Skills Lab

Katja Hunfeld 

Coordinator TCP (TCP language centre): Open Language Programme 

Kathelijn Jacobs 

Head of SAL (Student Affairs & Logistics)

Hans Punt

Team leader Educational Affairs Offices (Bureaus Onderwijszaken-BOZ's)

Jacky Nijhof

Team leader Educational Affairs Office (Bureau Onderwijszaken-BOZ) - BOZ-ET, BOZ-TNW and EEMCS

Roos Breukers              

Team leader Educational Affairs Office (Bureau Onderwijszaken-BOZ) - scheduling and exams 

Margriet Lindemann 

Team leader Educational Affairs Office (Bureau Onderwijszaken-BOZ)- BOZ-BMS and BOZ-EWI 

Miranda Huiskes                                                                             

Head of IM (Information Management)

Joyce Pasman

Head of SACC (Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling) 

Caroline van Dijken

Head of CELT (Centre of Expertise in Learning & Teaching)

Position is vacant