Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie


Title of internship assignment

Medisch Spectrum Twente: Care and support in primary GP care for patients after mild stroke and their partners


Medisch Spectrum Twente, Medical Psychology


Medisch Spectrum twente, Enschede

Desired period of internship

April-July 2017

The assignment

In the context of wider research on social cognition, social participation, care burden and need for care in patients with Mild Stroke and their partners / carers there is a need for an inventory study of currently available regional care and support facilities for people with ( mild) stroke going home from the hospital after discharge, both face to face and more technical (eHealth, internet, education opportunities).

Task of the student is to perform the inventory study and write a report with an overview of the currently available regional care and support facilities.


The internship can be combined with a subsequent master-thesis assignment about the opinions and experiences of general practitioners with health care needs of patients with a mild stroke and their partners, and the consequent need for support and care facilities. For the master-thesis assignment the student has to set up and execute an interview or survey study among general practitioners.

Contact person information:


Internal: Erik Taal;

External (MST): Dr. M. van Hout;; (053) 487 28 30