Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie


Title of internship assignment

Modern e-mental health technologies: validation of new solutions[DC(1] 


1)      SonoVR and 2) The Virtual Agent project, BMS, university of Enschede


Partly Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (SonoVR), partly University of Enschede (VA project)

Desired period of internship

April 1 – July 1

The assignment

The assignment is two-fold: a) assist in the validation of SonoVR’s e-mental health solutions (location: Nijmegen) and b) conduct an experiment with the positive psychology intervention “Dit is Jouw Leven” during which users are assisted by a Virtual Coach (location: Enschede)


SonoVR ( is a start-up company, founded in 2016 and led by Nadja Muller-den Blijker and Klaas Punselee, and scientifically supported by Kfir Oved. SonoVR aims to improve people’s lives by offering innovating coaching and positive psychology products. Its ambitions and interest in achieving effective e-mental health solutions are in line with those of the Virtual Agent project within the BMS department of the university of Enschede as led by Mark Scholten.


The internship serves to support the exploratory phases of both the SonoVR positive psychology products and the Virtual Agent project and create further foundation for both.


The expected end product is a thesis on modern e-mental health/ coaching facilities which describes the state of the products of SonoVR and the Virtual Agent project.
The deliverable for SonoVR is an analysis report and for the Virtual Agent project the user data of an experiment that has been conducted by the student and which can be analysed further by the Virtual Agent project’s members.


We are looking for a motivated student who masters Dutch and who likes to structure the unstructured within the area of Positive Psychology and Coaching.  Personal initiative is very important. We prefer a student who wants to combine this internship with the masterthesis.

We offer insight into modern technologies and the opportunity to work on the fore-front of new Positive Psychology and Coaching technologies. Both Mr. Kfir Oved and Mr Mark Scholten will offer support and supervision.


Contact person information:

Name: Mark Scholten


Telephone: +31 6 514 09 623




 [DC(1]e-Mental Health: the benefits and drawbacks of a virtual agent as coach