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Title of internship assignment

Gesundheitsamt – Umweltmedizinischer Dienst: Development of a smartphone application for infection prevention


Gesundheitsamt – Umweltmedizinischer Dienst



Desired period of internship

April-July 2018

The assignment


The smartphone application MRSApp was developed by the RKN (Gesundheitsamt Rhein-Kreis Neuss) in 2012. Since then the app has been downloaded more than 30,000 times. In the beginning it provided information about MRSA (a drug-resistant bacterium) only. However, in the meantime, the content of the MRSApp was enhanced with information about other bacterial species as well (according to emerging trends) and should be extended furthermore. Hence the question arose in how far the MRSApp is still suitable for users.



In the internship project the student shall identify the user needs regarding the MRSApp, analyze them and translate these needs into requirements. Different qualitative study methods are possible to elucidate the user needs, e.g. face-to-face interviews or a questionnaire.

The option to combine the internship with the final thesis research (Master thesis) is possible. The research study should focus on the development of a MRSApp protoype and usability test.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a motivated student who has an affinity with eHealth development (in this case the development of a smartphone application for the general public). The internship will take place in the Gesundheitsamt Rhein-Kreis Neuss. Therefore, it is important that you are German or that you speak German fluently.


What are we offering?

The student can take part in the regular work of the Gesundheitsamt Rhein-Kreis Neuss (GA RKN). The GA RKN is the public health service on a regional level, characterized by public-medical, preventive or sovereign duties. Therefore the GA RKN is responsible for the health service of 450.000 inhabitants. The head of the GA RKN is the public health officer Dr. Michael Dörr, who supervises six specialist departments: administrative area, children and youth health service, dental health service, sozio-psychiatric service, infection prevention service and environmental hygiene and public health service.

The project EurHealth-1Health is part of the specialist department infection prevention service. Within this project the GA RKN is engaged in the control of infections, which are provoked by highly resistant microorganisms. The focus of the project lies in the quantitative collection of antibiotic usage data and dissemination of these data, in order to contain the dissemination of life-threatening infections. Dr. Silvia Eller coordinates the project EurHealth-1Health in the GA RKN and will be the external supervisor.


Contact person information:

Supervisor University of Twente

Name: Dr. Nadine Köhle

Telephone: 053-489 2092



Supervisor Gesundheitsamt – Umweltmedizinischer Dienst

Name: Dr. Silvia Eller

Telephone: +49 02181-601 5358