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ATTACHMENT 3- Template form for INTERNSHIP assignments

(to be completed by the organisation in English or Dutch)



Title of internship assignment

Gelre ziekenhuis Apeldoorn : Which strengths do you have?

Strengths in patients with somatoform disorders from the patient perspective and from the perspective of the health professionals


Gelre ziekenhuis Apeldoorn, Department of medical psychology in collaboration with HPT/UT


Apeldoorn and Enschede

Desired period of internship

April – July 2017

The assignment

You will interview both patients and their various health professionals separately  about patients strengths. Strengths might be strengths in general (personal strengths) or in relationship to the mental disease at stake. In the interviews you will gather ideas how communication technology can help to  present strengths / to remind patients of their strengths and how these strengths can be used in their developmental process towards a healthy person.

You will categorize the strengths and describe how the strengths are related to coping with the disease and how the strengths might be applied to decrease of symptoms and successful self-management and treatment. You can compare the patient perspective with the health professional perspective.

This project is mainly qualitative research and will result in a scientific report of the findings (internship report) and a management proposal of the next steps to incorporate the strengths of patients in the daily work of the medical psychology department (internship product).

Two internship candidates can work on this assignment. The internship is in Dutch, for English speaking students we can adapt the assignment accordingly. You can follow up this project with a Master theses.

You will also practical assist the research of the ‘Klinisch Psycholoog in opleiding’ candidate.

The department of Medical Psychology treats patients with a combination of physical and mental health issues and has considerable expertise in helping patients with medically unexplained (somatoform) disorders and complaints. The department is part of the Gelre Hospital, a large regional hospital with a strong educational and clinical status (STZ).

More information about the department (and hospital) can be found on:


Contact person information:

Name: You will be supervised by Dr. Christina Bode and Dr. Bart Thoolen as extern supervisor

Telephone: 053-4896044, 055-5818235

Email: c.bode@utwente,