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How to achieve your health goals?


Nedap Healthcare



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April – June 2017

De Opdracht


We believe that when you want to change your (unhealthy) habits it's easier to do this together. Our brand-new product, which we call Floor (, helps people with type 2 diabetes to acquire new healthy habits that will allow them to take control of their diabetes.

Floor helps people to achieve their health goals, but achieving these goals can be tough. One of the problems is the scope of their goals, which is often too big. Another one is that people not always have a clear picture about their road to success. Floor helps these people by taking their goal, and challenging people to break it up into multiple smaller steps which can be achieved more easily, and by monitoring their progress.

But we need your help to improve our current "goal setting" process. So people have everything they need to achieve their goals, because our current approach is pretty basic. We just ask what someone wants to achieve (goal), and what the first thing someone is going to do to achieve his or her goal would be (step). But we know that there different kinds of goals people can set so this is not yet good enough.

The goal of this assignment is that, by the end of your internship, your results can be used immediately in our product. Will you help us, help them?


What do we have to offer?
We offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to working hours and workplace. We're very proud of our office, because we've got large (indoor) trees and it's very green. So, oxygen enough. We also have good coffee, fine workstations, and friendly and helpful colleagues. We'll provide you with a monthly fee, and we'll compensate any travel costs.

Nedap healthcare
We are ninety awesome people that share a special way of looking at the world and want to work together to make it better.

A little over fifteen years ago Nedap healthcare was born. Founded by a gifted individual that had an eye for simplicity and a drive for success, Healthcare's first product was a small time-tracking device for nurses with a single button. Hardware has always been in Nedap's DNA, evolving in the preceding eighty plus years from mechanical to electrical devices that started to include or be connected to more and more software.

Nowadays, Nedap Healthcare builds mostly software, both for the web and mobile platforms. We support tens of thousands of nurses, doctors, and patients manage their daily life by allowing them to focus on what is important.

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For more information you can contact Stefan Vermaas. This can be done by e-mail; or by phone; +316 22 65 34 88.