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Title of internship assignment

Medisch Spectrum Twente: Development of ehealth mini interventions to make patients more vital aimed for implementation in DREAM registry RA


Arthritis Center Twente: Medisch Spectrum Twente and Department of Psychology, Health & Technology UT



Desired period of internship

April – July 2018

The assignment

DREAM is a Dutch network of hospitals committed to stimulate quality of care, efficient use of means and clinical research. Quality of care can be improved by sharing results and experiences and by incorporating the patients' perspective. Within an holistic approach, DREAM started a registry for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) where patients wellbeing (among other outcomes) is routinely followed and monitored. These monitoring information can be used in regular consultations with health care professionals to improve the individual treatment of RA.

Your internship project is aimed at the development of ehealth mini interventions for vitality that are suitable for integration in the registry. Questions to answer: How to tailor the mini intervention to the needs of a patient who is answering the DREAM monitoring questionnaire? What is the optimal format for such a mini intervention (content, lengths, intensity)? How to follow up the mini intervention?

Internship activities are: a. get acquainted with the treatment of RA patients and with the principles of a routine outcome measurement registry, b. summarize exercises and interventions for vitality, c. develop personas, use case scenarios, and requirements for the ehealth mini interventions.

This internship can be followed up by a master theses to test prototypes of different mini interventions. The internship can be done in Dutch or in English and takes place in the MST Enschede.

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Contact person information:

Name: You will be supervised by Dr. Harald Vonkeman and Dr. Christina Bode

Telephone: 053- 4872450; 053-4896044

Email:; c.bode@utwente