Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie


Title of internship assignment

Gelre ziekenhuis Apeldoorn : interpreting outcome measures in patients being treated for medically unexplained symptoms


Gelre ziekenhuis Apeldoorn, Department of medical psychology in collaboration with HPT/UT


Apeldoorn and Enschede

Desired period of internship

April – July 2018

The assignment

During your internship you will explore how patients with  medically unexplained symptoms interpret their progression and how this is mirrored in their outcome measures.


During their treatment patients are monitored through different types of questionnaires. Patients generally receive a lengthy complaint questionnaire (Rom-meting) at the beginning and end of treatment. In addition, patients also fill out a weekly questionnaire similar to the outcomes rating scales (ORS-form) in which they evaluate their physical, mental and social well being. Interestingly enough, many of these patients with MUS (medical unexplained symptoms) often appear to perceive their wellbeing as decreasing during treatment, an observation which is also supported by literature. Different explanations are possible: Is their wellbeing decreasing, are they getting more insight into their psychosocial problems or perhaps are they interpreting the measures themselves differently after being in treatment, and / or are we using the wrong measures?


This project is mainly qualitative research and will include different interview forms. It will result in a scientific report of the findings (internship report) and a management proposal on how to more effectively evaluate the progress of patients with medically unexplained symptoms (internship product). The internship is in Dutch. You can follow up this project with a Master theses.


The department of Medical Psychology treats patients with a combination of physical and mental health issues and has considerable expertise in helping patients with medically unexplained (somatoform) disorders and complaints. The department is part of the Gelre Hospital, a large regional hospital with a strong educational and clinical status (STZ).

More information about the department (and hospital) can be found on:


Contact person information:

Name: You will be supervised by Dr. Christina Bode and Nella Croese and Dr. Bart Thoolen as extern supervisors Telephone: 053-4896044, 055-5818235

Email: c.bode@utwente,,,