Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie


Title of internship assignment

The use of personal strengths for health and wellbeing goals


University of Twente: Department of Psychology, Health & Technology



Desired period of internship

April- July 2018

The assignment

This internship is to find out in which way personal strengths can mobilize health behaviors and to attain health goals.

Until now the strengths approach is mostly used with regard to educational aims and personal development. In this project we explore how it can be used with regard to personal health goals, such as improving wellbeing,  improving physical exercise, becoming more relaxed, balance personal activities, dieting or decrease substance use. Even though literature shows promising outcomes with regard to a strengths-based approach, there still seems no literature on the working mechanisms of strengths and their contribution to improved goal-proficiency or well-being.

The research design is not yet fully determined, you can add your own preferences to the project. For example whether you like to study this topic in patient groups or in healthy populations or whether you have a preference for quantitative or qualitative research. You can follow up this project with a Master theses.


This internship gives you the opportunity to collaborate with junior researchers in different projects, e.g. a  project about developing a strengths approach for Dutch General Practitioners Practices.


Contact person information:

Name: Dr. Christina Bode

Telephone: 053-4896044