Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie


Title of internship assignment

UT and Oslo University Hospital: The use of personal strengths in managing chronic illness


University of Twente: Department of Psychology, Health & Technology


Enschede and if wished a part of the internship can be done in Oslo

Desired period of internship

April- July 2018

The assignment

This internship is to find out in which way personal health-related strengths can mobilize positive health behaviors and optimal outcomes regarding the self-management of people with a chronic disease. People’s awareness of their strengths might result in additional psychological benefits such as a sense of agency and mastery. Research has been started to find out which strengths can be used to manage chronic illness successfully and how to make the strengths visible.

The Centre for Shared decision making and Collaborative Care Research of the Oslo University Hospital identified a rich repertoire of strengths that helped patients with chronic conditions to meet their day-to-day challenges and to manage their chronic illness well.

In your internship  you will apply this Norwegian strengths finder list in a  Dutch population and you will study the attitudes and opinions of Dutch patients with regard to this list of strengths and compare your results with the Norwegian results.

The research design is not yet fully determined, you can add your own preferences to the project.

You can follow up this project with a Master theses.

If you like, we help to organize a stay in Oslo for you. This is not mandatory for your internship but offers you the opportunity to gain international experience and broaden your international network.

Contact person information:

Name: Dr. Christina Bode

Telephone: 053-4896044