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Title of internship assignment

Fatigue severity in adults with visual impairment: a systematic review of the literature


VU University Medical Center - Ophthalmology


The internship can be done in Amsterdam at our department, or at UT Enschede (Department Psychology, Health & Technology)  with external supervision from the VU Ophthalmology department

Desired period of internship

April- July 2018

The assignment

Join our research collaboration about fatigue in people with visual impairment!

This internship can be done in English and can also be combined with a Master thesis.


The goal of this internship is to examine the severity and characteristics of fatigue related to vision loss by conducting a systematic review of the scientific literature. Impaired vision is a highly prevalent disorder worldwide, approximately 285 million were estimated to have visual impairment in 2015. People with vision loss experience many disabilities, and some studies have shown that vision loss is associated with greater fatigue. Fatigue is a major cause of disability and can lead to reduced quality of life. However, until now little is known about the prevalence and severity of fatigue in persons with visual impairment, and how these symptoms compare to normally sighted persons or patients with chronic disease. In your internship you will be responsible for screening the results of a comprehensive literature search for relevant articles to answer the research question. Additional activities can be included when the internship is  combined with a Master thesis, i.e. assessing the methodological quality of the included studies or reporting the outcomes of the review.    You will be supervised by a PhD student who works on the topic of fatigue in people with visual impairment with experience in supervising students. It is possible to conduct the review as part of your internship at the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. However this is not mandatory, it is also possible to have your internship at the UT with external guidance from the Ophthalmology department. The literature search (data collection) and the screening process will be the internship product, the synthesis of the results of the review will be your internship report. There’s  a possibility to contribute to a scientific publication because this project will be part of an ongoing research project about fatigue in adults with- and without visual impairment.

For inspiration and information see a publication of the UT-VUMC collaboration on this topic:

Schakel, W., Bode, C. van der Aa, H.P.A., Hulshof, C.T.J., Bosmans, J.E., van Rens, G.H.M.B.& van Nispen, R.M.A. (2017). Exploring the patient perspective of fatigue in adults with visual impairment: a qualitative study. BMJ Open, 7(8):e015023.

Contact person information:

Name: Dr. Christina Bode

Telephone: 053-4896044