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Title: AVELEIJN Success stories of how health professionals put core values into practice

Additional info

Type of assignment (Ba / Ma?): MA

In– of extern?: external                                                                                       

How many students? 1                                    

Own data collection? (yes/no?): Yes

Type of research: Qualitative

30 EC thesis


One of the main motivations for health care professionals to choose their profession is their wish to contribute to quality of life of their clients. What constitutes quality of care, is to a large extent dependent on underlying values about care, caring, persons and relationships. In the reality of everyday care practices, these values offer guidelines but can also come under pressure. Aveleijn, a large health care organization for people with mental disabilities, has formulated three core values underlying their care practices, e.g. Encountering (Ontmoeten), Developing (Ontwikkelen), and Supporting (Ondersteunen). In this assignment, you will interview professionals at various locations of Aveleijn about how these three core values are reflected and translated in daily practice. In line with a positive psychological approach of looking for strengths and possibilities, you will focus on success and problem stories o learn how even in difficult situations values can be uphold. To analyse the interviews, you will use either storyline analysis or thematic analysis.

Who are we looking for?

An independently working student with good interviewing skills, good command of the Dutch language, affinity with care for people with disabilities, and motivated to give a presentation of the results at Aveleijn.

Wat bieden we?

A challenging assignment with high practical relevance, which you will execute in close collaboration with Anne Marie Lohuis from Aveleijn.


Anneke Sools, Gerben Westerhof and Anne Marie Lohuis