Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Title: Literature review. Positive psychology interventions for people with mental disability


Type of assignment: Ma

Internal– or external?:  Internal                                                                                      

Number of students: 1                                     

New data collection: No

Type of research: Literature review

Nr of EC: 10 EC


Positive psychology is an approach dedicated to the pursuit of strengths, talents, flourishing and autonomy. This approach was developed to counter the long dominant approach in psychology aimed at reducing illness, complaints, and problems. Over the years, a variety of positive psychological interventions has been developed, based on for example compassion, gratitude, and positive emotions. In this assignment, you first make an overview of positive psychological interventions which are specifically tailored to treat people with mild and severe mental disability. An example of such an intervention is solution-focused work. Second, you make an overview of what is known about the effectiveness of these interventions for the group at hand. On the basis of your analysis, you give recommendations on which kind of interventions should be implemented and possibly adapted for a regional health care organization (Aveleijn).

Who are we looking for?

A student who can work methodically and structured, with good analytic and writing skills.

What do we offer?

You will collaborate closely with Anne Marie Lohuis and Marleen Olde Monnikhof from Aveleijn, a health care organization for the care of people with mental disabilities. The results of your study will contribute to the aim of this organization to implement positive psychology more fully.


Supervisors: To be decided