Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Cross-cultural comparison of student's future imaginations

Type of assignment: MA
Internal– or external: Internal
How many students possible: 1
New data collection: No
Type of research: Qualitative research
EC: 10 EC


Narrative psychology is an approach in psychology focused on how people give meaning and construct their identities through stories. This approach departs from the assumption that personal stories are both unique expressions of individuals as well as cultural expressions. While traditionally narrative psychology has focused on retrospective accounts of people’s lives in the form of told life stories, more recently there has been an increase in other types of stories: about the future instead of the past; written instead of told; short instead of long. During the CuriousU summer school at Twente University in 2017 we collected short written narratives from the future (letters from the future) from a group of international students. In this assignment, you will analyze the content of these letters, and explore potential cultural differences between the large subgroup of Chinese students with students with predominantly a Western-European background. You can chose your own method of analysis; either open/  thematic analysis or storyline analysis.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a motivated student, who can work independently and has affinity with qualitative research and close reading.

What do we offer?

An interesting dataset ready to be analysed!



Anneke Sools, Jochem Goldberg