Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Titel: ‘Optimizing online counseling in positive psychology interventions’

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maximaal 2 studenten


Let op: Hoewel deze opdracht in het Engels is geformuleerd, mag de thesis in zowel Engels als Nederlands worden geschreven.

The 9-week multicomponent positive psychology intervention “This is your life” has been investigated in a trial with a duration of 12 months. The experimental condition received the self-help book with email support. Their scores on mental well-being, specific mental well-being aspects (i.e. self-compassion, resilience) and anxiety and depressive symptoms were significantly improved compared to the wait-list control condition. However, we know little about what has happened in the email support: Which counseling techniques have been used? What did the participants disclose? What type of behavior have influenced the beneficial results? In this project you will analyze email correspondence between counselors and participants. An almost definite coding scheme is already available for the behavior of the counselors. You will also use the quantitative data from the trial to examine which of the qualitative codes (behaviors) were beneficial and which were not.

Wie zoeken we?

Students who are interested in working with qualitative data as well as with quantitative data. You work accurately, in collaboration and systematically. You are analytic, social and perseverance. Knowledge of Atlas.ti is preferred.

Wat bieden we?

You get the change to read about participants personal lives and how a positive psychology intervention has an effect on their lives. You will learn more about qualitative coding and about the do’s and don’ts of therapeutic behavior in online counseling.


Dr. Marijke Schotanus