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Stichting Human Concern: Who benefits from outpatient treatment for eating disorders?


Type of assignment:  Ma

Internal or external: external                                                                                            

How many students possible? Max 3

Own data collection or existing data?  Existing data is available

Type of research (qualitative empirical, quantitative empirical, mixed-method, literature review): Quantitative    

EC (10 of 30EC)?       10EC


Description: Stichting Human Concern provides both outpatient and clinical treatment for eating disorder patients in the Netherlands. It is currently not clear which patients benefit from outpatient treatment, while there are indications that only a relatively small percentage show substantial recovery. Ideally, we would like to identify early in treatment which patients will benefit from outpatient treatment. In this way, not effective outpatient treatment could be stopped or intensified earlier, or patients can be referred to clinical treatment in an earlier phase. This study is based on naturalistic data collected from routine outcome monitoring (ROM) during outpatient treatment. Patients are asked to fill in several questionnaires every three months during treatment, measuring eating disorder pathology, general psychopathology and well-being. The results are also used by the clinician and patient to evaluate treatment progress.
This research is divided in three main studies with the overall theme: Who benefits from outpatient treatment for eating disorders?
Study 1: Treatment intensity and patient characteristics as predictors of treatment duration and outcome.

Study 2: Levels of psychological and spiritual well-being as predictors of treatment duration and outcome.

Study 3: Maladaptive personality functioning as predictors of treatment duration and outcome 

For all studies, data is already collected and available for use.

If you have any questions, please contact: Sander de Vos, researcher Stichting Human Concern, PhD-student UT at

Who are we looking for?

Students with an interest in quantitative (longitudinal) research methods and/or an interest in treatments for eating disorder patients.

What do we offer?
Complete data sets and researchers from Stichting Human Concern who are available for supervision.


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