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Acceptance and Potential Clinical Added Value of Sense-IT in Forensic Psychiatric Patients with ASD and/or ID: a Proof-of-Concept Study


Type of assignment:                                 MSc

Internal/external?                                      External

How many students?                                1

Data collection or existing data:                Existing data

Type of research:                                       Proof-of-concept study; quantitative

# EC:                                                          10 EC


Description: Neurobiological developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual disability (ID) are prevalent disorders in samples of forensic psychiatric patients. Patients with ASD and/or ID are impaired in recognizing increases in their physiological emotional reactivity, and are limited in their ability to cope with the emotional responses to stress. This can result in aggressive behaviors. The absence of treatments for improving and regulating emotional responses in ASD and/or ID is a major unmet forensic clinical need. The use of wearable technology shows promise for improving recognition of physiological emotional reactivity and, thus, potentially reducing aggressive behavior. Therefore, the current study will explore the feasibility, acceptance and potential (clinical) added value of Sense-IT, a biofeedback application, in a sample of forensic psychiatric patients with ASD and/or ID. Outcome measures include questionnaires on the feasibility and acceptance of Sense-IT and routine clinical assessment of aggressive behavior.


Who are we looking for?

A motivated student interested in doing a study on the intersection between technology and mental health.


What do we offer?

Data collection has started in November 2018. For your thesis you will be able to analyze the first amount of data (of about 8 participants).


Supervisors:                    dr. M.L. Noordzij (UTwente)

                                          H.W.A. Bosch, MSc (external – GGNet FPA De Boog)

                                          prof. dr. J.W. Hummelen (external – GGNet FPA De Boog)