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Eustress and distress among students


Msc assignment

Internal or external? Internal                                                                                                

How many students possible? 2

Own data collection or existing data? Existing data

Type of research: quantitative empirical

EC: 10       



Most students experience stress during their studies. This can be caused by study pressure and insecure future prospects. This negative form of stress is called distress and can have negative consequences for mental and physical health. The positive counterpart of distress, that is, eustress, is much less researched. Eustress is a form of stress that encourages action at times when you feel challenged and is accompanied by positive feelings. Just as repeated physical activity promotes the physical health, repeated eustress can promote mental health and contribute to performance. Unfortunately, little is known about this subject and more research is needed.


For this assignment you will examine the degree of eustress and distress among students and contributing factors such as differences in coping style, stress mindset, and self-esteem. Moreover, you will examine whether distress and eustress are related to differences in resilience and physical health.


Who are we looking for?

Enthusiastic students who are willing to explore this new area of research and are capable of doing quantitative data analysis.


Supervisors: dr. Mirjam Radstaak