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Titel: Examining the psychometric properties of the Forms of Self-criticizing/Attacking and Self-reassuring Scale (FSCRS) for eating disorder patients

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Type opdracht: Master

In– of extern? Extern                                                                                                      

Hoeveel studenten mogelijk? 1 a 2                                

Zelf data verzamelen? Nee

Type onderzoek? kwantitatief    

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Studies suggest that self-criticism is a key factor in sustaining and developing clinical symptoms among eating disorder patients. The FSCRS is a self-report questionnaire which measures self-criticism and self-reassuring. This questionnaire has however not been psychometrically tested among Dutch eating disorder patients yet. There are also no norms available currently for Dutch eating disorder patients of the FSCRS.

The aim of this study is to 1) examine the psychometric properties (scale structure, reliability and construct validity) of the FSCRS among eating disorder patients in the Netherlands and 2) provide norms of the FSCRS for Dutch eating disorder patients.

Wie zoeken we?

One or two students who are interested in well-being in a clinical population (eating disorder patients) and psychometric testing/statistics.

Wat bieden we?

A dataset with at least 250 Dutch eating disorder patients with measures from the intake for specialized treatment at the Human Concern foundation. Besides the FSCRS, additional well-being measures were used such as the MHC-SF, PGGS and the SF-36.

Support and supervision.  


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