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Efficacy of a novel program: Mindfulness Based Strengths Practice





1 student

Existing data


10 EC



A novel program in positive psychology is the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice. This program is developed by Ryan Niemiec and translated in Dutch by Matthijs Steeneveld and Anouk van den Berg. Character strengths are systematically identified and used, combined with mindfulness exercises. A first pilot-study has been conducted in The Netherlands with 35-40 hotel employees. Before and after they received this program, participants completed the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale, a strengths use scale and a work engagement scale. Some data about adherence is also available. In this study, you conduct first analyses about the pre-post efficacy of the program.  


Who are we looking for?

Students who are interested in research about the efficacy of a novel positive psychology based intervention. Dedicated students who are curious and conscientious.


What do we offer?

You are involved in a new project, a first pilot study which might lead to a larger study in the future in The Netherlands. You are the first to analyze the results of this program in The Netherlands and even one of the first worldwide. Also, Matthijs Steeneveld is happy to invite you to tell you more about the practical implementation of the training which might be relevant for your future career.   



Dr. Marijke Schotanus-Dijkstra