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Evaluation of Serious Game

Additional information:

Type of assignment:                                      BA

In– of external?:                                              Internal                                                                                                  

Maximum number of students:                      2                                    

Collecting own data?                                     Yes

Type of study:                                                Qualitative/ quantitative   

EC:                                                                 15 ECs     


Animal-human or zoonotic transmission of communicable diseases carries considerable economic and public health burdens that could increase exponentially as antimicrobial resistance grows worldwide and new zoonotic diseases emerge. In the Netherlands at least 19 people died as a consequence of the Q-fever outbreak (2007-2010), while the societal costs have been estimated between EUR 161-366 million. Yet the onset and course of outbreaks are shaped by potentially modifiable social and behavioral factors and therefore preventable or contained by rapid response.

Timely and adequate communication, tailored to differences in information needs and differences in cognitive and affective aspects of risk perception are crucial for proportional response. Current risk communication strategies are hampered by a lack of cooperation between veterinary, human and public health officials.

Therefore, we developed recently together with relevant stakeholders an interactive “OneHealth” platform to support effective risk- and crisis-communication about zoonoses between healthcare professionals in the humane-, veterinary-, and public-healthcare. On the one hand, this platform offers an eLearning game to create awareness about and improve professionals’ competences that are needed to prevent and contain an outbreak. On the other hand, the platform offers a question-and-answer system to offer both professionals and general public tailored information and to support self-management.

Assignment description:

For this assignment you will evaluate the usability of the current serious game through a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. Therefore, you will perform and analyze eye- tracking patterns of users and perform interviews with users after the test to evaluate the user interface design of the serious game and to evaluate the users’ experience when playing the game.

Who are we looking for?

Two students that are interested in evalution of game-based learning. Fluency in Dutch is required for at least 1 student as the interviews are in Dutch.


Dr. L.M.A. Braakman-Jansen ( and Dr. N. Beerlage-de Jong (