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Design an eHealth intervention based on the existing strength based approach “Raise your strengths”


BA assignment 


Applicable to 3 students

Own data collection: YES

Design assignment

EC: 15       



A strength based approach called “Raise your strengths” is developed by the University of Twente in cooperation with Agis (Health insurance company) and Vitaal Mensenwerk. In the original intervention we focused on patients with a chronic disease, but for this assignment you are free in choosing your own population. During your bachelor’s thesis you will design a lo-fi prototype of an eHealth intervention based on the worksheets of “Raise your strengths” and you will choose a population in combination with this strength based approach. Each student will work with two patient partners in this design process and throughout this process you will make sure that the perspective of the end-user is optimally taken into account in your design. You will also take into account the integration of the behavioural change techniques with persuasive elements. When your lo-fi prototype is finished, you will conduct a cognitive walk-trough with ten patients per student to test the usability of your prototype. Based on this usability test you will provide recommendations for future development.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated and creative students who would like to design an eHealth intervention while taking the patient perspective into account.



First supervisor:

Nienke Peeters, Department Health Psychology and Technology,


Second supervisor:

Dr. Christina Bode, Department Health Psychology and Technology,