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mHealth apps: simple or fancy?

Type of assignment:                    BA

Internal or external?:              Internal     

Maximum number of students:     3

Individual collecting of data?        Yes

Type of research:                           Different options (qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods)

Description of the assignment:

Mobile health (mHealth) is the use of mobile devices—such as cellular phones, tablets, smartphones and other wireless devices—for health services, information and data collection.
These mHealth applications are increasingly used, as they provide handy solutions for several categories like fitness, diet, health reference, sleep, health monitor, weight tracker, psychological health and brain exercise.

Since mHealth apps are gaining popularity, novel challenges arise with regard to the design of these apps. Often, several elements are added to make these apps more attractive, such as the use of persuasive features or gamification. In contrast, many customers also emphasize the importance of simplicity of mobile apps. Therefore, more research is needed to study the factors that play a role in the design of mHealth apps, and to gain more insight into the gap between the users’ need for a very simple and basic app and a comprehensive and fancy app. There are various options for students within this project, such as qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods research.


Who are we looking for? Students who are interested in (the design of) mHealth apps

More information?:

Supervisor: to be determined