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Satisfaction of the need for Autonomy, Relatedness and Competence across different life domains


BA assignment:

Internal or external: Internal                                                                                                 

How many students possible: 2

Own data collection: YES 

Type of research: Quantitative empirical    

EC: 15       



The Self-determination Theory (SDT) states that the satisfaction of the basic psychological needs for autonomy, relatedness and competence contributes to well-being, which is supported by many studies.


The SDT assumes that all three needs are equally important for well-being. Furthermore, the balance hypothesis proposes that the satisfaction of all three needs should be in balance: high satisfaction of one need cannot compensate for low satisfaction of another. Indeed, there is some initial evidence that apart from need fulfillment, need balance is also important for well-being and optimal functioning. One study with adolescents showed that it may even be important to have this balance across different life domains (for example work, sport, family). However, more research is needed to replicate these findings in different samples.


In this study, you will investigate whether balanced need satisfaction is related to better well-being across life domains, using questionnaires. You will work together with another student to gather data for this questionnaire study, but you will write your own thesis.


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