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How is mindfulness related to work-engagement?


BA assignment:

Internal or external: Internal                                                                                                 

How many students possible: 2

Own data collection: YES 

Type of research: Quantitative empirical   

EC: 15       



It is increasingly recognized that employee well-being at work is important for employee health, but also on task performance, productivity and employee retention. Work-engagement is a work-related well-being measure describing a positive and fulfilling work-related state of mind. It reflects the extent to which workers feel that their work is stimulating and energising (vigour); meaningful and significant (dedication); and engrossing and interesting (absorption).


Mindfulness has been proposed to be related to work-engagement. Mindfulness involves being aware of the present in a non-judgemental way and attentive to what is taking place from moment-to-moment, internally and externally. However, only a limited number of research has focused directly on this relationship between mindfulness and work-engagement. Furthermore, while there is some initial evidence for the relation between trait mindfulness and trait work-engagement, a recent study found only weak support for the relation between state mindfulness and state work-engagement. 


Two students will conduct this research together, but write their own thesis. You can choose to either focus on (1) the relation between the different facets of trait mindfulness and trait work-engagement, or (2) the relation between state mindfulness and state work-engagement.

Depending on the research question, you can choose a work-context in which to conduct this questionnaire study.


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Supervisors:  Noortje Kloos