Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Autobiographies created by social media


BA assignment: yes

Internal or external? internal                                                                                                

How many students possible? 4

Own data collection: YES 

Type of research: quantitative empirical

EC: 15       


Description: Autobiographical memory is important for self-identity. Nowadays, people share many moments on social media. This allows for a new kind of reminiscence by the use of automated biographies based on social media posts. Can an automatically generated autobiography affect positive and negative feelings, self-esteem, relatedness, and identity? In this experiment the effects of automated biographies of Facebook and Instagram will be compared to a control group. Possible questions can be: Is there a difference between persons whose autobiography is created by using the content of Facebook and Instagram? Is there a difference between men and women? Or between age groups? You collect data in a group of 4 students, but each students writes a thesis on the basis of his or her own research question.


Supervisors:  Teuntje Elfrink & tba