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Process evaluation of the Positive Educative Programme: perceptions of staff and students


BA assignment: Yes

Internal or external? Internal                                                                                                

How many students possible?  4

Own data collection: Yes

Type of research: Qualitative empirical

EC: 15       


Description: The positive educative programme is a whole school approach, aimed at enhancing well-being and a positive school climate. In this bachelor thesis, four students will conduct interviews with staff and/or students of schools that participated in the PEP-programme: schools with regular (primary) education and schools with special needs education.

The exact research questions will be determined together with the bachelor students and the schools. Possible topics of interest can be well-being and engagement of staff and students (did it enhance, how did it enhance?). In the first meeting we will discuss options, divide tasks/subjects.


Who are we looking for? Four Dutch speaking students - to conduct the interviews at the schools.


Supervisors: Teuntje Elfrink & tba (Jochem Goldberg will be involved as well)


More information:

Teuntje R. Elfrink, Jochem M. Goldberg, Karlein M.G. Schreurs, Ernst T. Bohlmeijer, Aleisha M. Clarke, (2017) "Positive educative programme: A whole school approach to supporting children’s well-being and creating a positive school climate: a pilot study", Health Education, Vol. 117 Issue: 2, pp.215-230,