Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Stories of technology


BA assignment

Internal or external? Internal

How many students possible? 4

Own data collection: YES 

Type of research: qualitative

EC: 15



Older persons have grown up in a rather different world that included technologies to some extent, but not to the measure technology is used today. Some older people were pioneers in technology development and contributed for example in their work to technological developments. Other people were early adopters and used new technologies from the start, whereas still others might have lagged behind. However, across their lives, the meaning of technology might have changed as well: people may develop from pro to con or the other way around. In this research project, you will interview older persons about their lifespan experiences with technology, using a qualitative life story interview. The life story interview asks for different phases of life, high, low, and turning points, future imagination as well as a reflection on the overall life story. For the data collection, you will work together in a group of 4 students. Each will conduct a number of interviews that will together make up the data, but each student will write a separate thesis on a particular research question. The topic of the study will be determined by the group in consultation with the supervisor. Possible topics might include mobility (e.g., cars, trains, planes, bikes) or communication (e.g., letters, phones, email, social media).


Who are we looking for?

Students with an interest in the meaning of technology, storytelling, and older adults.



Gerben Westerhof