Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie

Additional information:

Type of assignment: BA

In– of external?: Internal                                                                       

Maximum number of students: 1                      

Collecting own data? Yes

Type of study: Quantitative 

EC: 15 ECs     

Assignment description:

Experiencing stress, especially over a longer period of time, can have a variety of negative effects on physical and mental health including an increased risk of depression and cardiovascular diseases. Various treatments are available among which the creation of positive emotional states such as relaxation is especially popular. However, despite the large body of empirical evidence that supports the usefulness of relaxation techniques to reduce stress, they present some limitations: Traditional relaxation procedures often require advanced imagination skills and the lack of concentration is a widespread problem in our society. This points towards the need to develop new strategies to reduce stress in the general public in a more effective way.

One young technical approach that could be used for this purpose is Virtual Reality (VR) which stimulates the senses in such a way the user thinks that he/ she is really part of the environment, making it a potential promising approach. The aim of this assignment is therefore to gain more insight in the usefulness of VR to decrease stress. Using existing applications you will collect data on a small scale in order to compare relaxation through imagination and relaxation through VR in a standardized manner.

Who are we looking for?

Students that are interested in innovative positive psychological applications and/ or experimental research


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